RESCAP.É.E.S, Mediterranean rescues log

La Boite à Bulles
160 pages - 21.0 x 21.0 cm - Couleur
EAN 9782849534571
24,00 €

In the summer of 2022, Lucas Vallerie and Michael Bunel boarded the Geo Barents, the ship chartered by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean. The former is an illustrator and cartoonist, the latter a photographer. The reason the NGO invited them was to bear witness to what they had seen, to bring the voices of the exiles and the rescuers to bear... to talk about stories rather than numbers on a subject that has become sadly commonplace.

During their rotation, Lucas and Michael had to deal with the worst: seeing a boat gutted, some of its occupants already lost at sea... But they also experienced a deeply moving adventure and met some exceptional personalities, both on the side of the rescuers and the survivors.

In this 4-handed report, they tell the story of life aboard the Geo Barents. Sketches, texts and photographs complement each other to immortalize a meeting of destinies from both sides of the Mediterranean.