Photographer for more than ten years, Michael Bunel specializes in the press and covers French and international news. He has notably worked on the migration crisis from Syria to Calais since 2013; he traveled to Turkey to cover demonstrations in Taksim Square, to Gaza during the “March of Return” and to Ukraine to follow the armed insurgency of separatists in the Donbass. His work is divided between his personal projects and commissions for the press and NGOs. He is the author of two books, “Croire dans le 9.3”, which follows a year of reporting on the Catholic faith in Seine-Saint-Denis, and EXIL, which resumes its work on migration. Some of these images are part of the photographic collection of the National Museum of the History of Immigration.

- Roger Pic Prize for Scam, 2019: nominated for "In the land of the human rights".
-Silver medal, Second Prize in the PX3 2018 : Belgrade, voies sans issues.
-Nomined for the 6x6 Global Talent Program 2018, World Press Photo.
-Special award given for the report "BELIEVE in the 9.3" at the 2017 Jacques Hamel Award.
-Coup of hearts of the jury of the session # 1 of the mentor prize 2017 with "Belgrade: Dead end".
- Roger Pic Prize for Scam, 2015: nominated for "The Watchmen" (Ukraine).

-Projection at Visa pour l’image 2019, EXIL.
-Projection at Visa for the 2018 image, during the slide show on the situation between Gaza and Israel.
-Invite the Presence (e) Photography 2018 festival with the exhibition exhibitions "At the end of your dreams", "In the land of human rights" and "Believe in the 9.3".
-Projection in the timelines of Visa for the image 2016, 2017.
-Exhibition at the Barrobjectif 2017 festival: Belgrade: Voies sans issues.
-Exhibition at the media library of Bagnolet, June 2017: At the end of your dreams.
-Festival Presence (s) Photography, 2016: screening of the "La Marche" slide show on the migrant route between Hungary and Austria.
-Exhibition at the Basilica of Saint Denis, 2016: Believe in the 9.3
-Festival Dimanche Photographique 2016, projection of "Calais, at the end of your dreams".
-Escales at the Grange aux Belles, 2015, Paris: exhibition "Ukraine, the Donbass War".
-Bayeux 2014 War Correspondents Festival: showing images during the slideshow
"Ukraine: the war of Donbass".

-CROIRE in 9.3: A look at faith in Seine-Saint-Denis, Pathways to the Future edition
(Size 17 x 23 cm / 100 pages / 10 euros)
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